The University of New Mexico
Health Sciences Center College of Pharmacy

  1. Contact Information ↑ 

    • Admissions Office Contact:

      • Krystal McCutchen 
      • Director of Student Services 
      • Office of Student Services 
      • MSC09 5360 
      • 1 University of New Mexico 
      • Albuquerque 
      • New Mexico 
      • 87131-0001 
      • Phone (Work): 505-272-0583 
      • Email: 

    • Website:


  2. Program Deadline ↑ 

    PharmCAS Application and Transcript Deadline for the class entering fall of 2017:  January 5, 2017

  3. Accreditation Status ↑ 

  4. Program Information ↑ 

    Students who are considered nonresidents during application can apply for New Mexico residency after their first year, making them eligible for in-state tuition for their remaining three years.

    • Institution Type: Public
    • Is your institution part of an academic health center? Yes
    • Type of academic term: 
      • Other
      • If Other, please list: Two semesters of coursework each year, with students completing summer Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences as part of the curriculum. These experiences are generally four weeks during the summer after the first and second years of the curriculum.
    • Dual Degree Programs Yes
    • If Yes, Check all that apply: 
      • PharmD/M.S.
      • PharmD/M.B.A
    • Structure of your PharmD program: 3-4 (three years prepharmacy required)
    • Is a Baccalaureate degree preferred for admissions? No
    • Open House Information:
      • Dates:  
      • Details:  
    • Does your institution participate in the Early Decision Program (EDP)? Yes
    • Alternative enrollment options available
      • Early assurance
    • Is your institution participating in the Centralized Criminal Background Check (CBC)? Yes
    • Is your institution participating in the PharmCAS-facilitated Drug Screening Service? No
    • Satellite/Branch Campuses:

  5. Program Description ↑ 

    The College of Pharmacy, the oldest professional college at The University of New Mexico, was founded in 1945. The College of Pharmacy has approximately 2,900 graduates of its professional program. Nearly two-thirds of all practicing pharmacists in New Mexico are graduates of the College of Pharmacy. The College of Pharmacy offers the professional program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D. degree). The program consists of four years of professional education. Consideration for admission to the program requires 91 credit hours of prerequisite course work. The Pharm.D. program emphasizes student-centered problem-based learning and requires nine months of advanced professional practice experiences during the fourth year, including experiences in ambulatory care, community-based and institutional settings. The Pharm.D. degree is the only professional degree offered by the College of Pharmacy.


    In addition to the Pharm.D., a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with concentrations in Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology, Public Policy and Outcomes Research; Radiopharmacy; and Toxicology. A Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences with concentration in Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmaceutical Policy and Outcomes Research is also offered. Inquiries should be addressed to the Graduate Student Academic Advisor. A Doctor of Philosophy focusing on Toxicology is offered through the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program and inquiries should be addressed to the Program Director of the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.


    The mission of the college is to develop innovative leaders in pharmaceutical care and research who enhance the quality of life for the people of New Mexico. The college enrolls the second highest number of Hispanic and Native American pharmacy students among all colleges of pharmacy in the United States. Unique programs within the college include the NM Poison and Drug Information Center, which is open 365 days per year and annually receives 40,000 inquiries; and the oldest training program in nuclear pharmacy in the United States.


    The college is a co-sponsor for pharmacy practice and specialty practice pharmacy residencies in infectious diseases pharmacotherapy, cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, and renal pharmacotherapy with the UNM Hospitals and is affiliated with the NM VA Healthcare System, the Lovelace Sandia Health System, Presbyterian Healthcare System, the Indian Health Service and the University’s Cancer Research and Treatment Center.


    The college has 54 faculty and 250 preceptors throughout the state. The college has a strong partnership with the NM Pharmacists Association, the NM Society of Health System Pharmacists and the NM State Board of Pharmacy. These partnerships have created innovative pharmacy practice opportunities for pharmacists in New Mexico including recognition as pharmacist clinicians, pediatric and adult immunization prescribing, prescribing of tobacco cessation and emergency contraception products, and various disease state management programs.

  6. Program Statistics and Criteria ↑ 

    • Estimated number planning to interview for fall 2017 entering class: 110
    • Estimated number planning to accept for fall 2017 entering class: 86
    • Estimated fall 2017 entering class size including early assurance: 86
    • Estimated number of early assurance students advancing to the professional program in 2017: 10
    • Is preference given to in-state applicants vs. out-of-state applicants? No
      • Number of IN-STATE seats available for fall 2017 entering class: N/A
      • Number of OUT-OF-STATE seats available for fall 2017 entering class: N/A
    • Minimum overall GPA considered: 2.5
    • Minimum prerequisite GPA considered: 2.7
    • Minimum composite PCAT score considered: 30th percentile
    • Previous college experience prior to enrolling in the school/college of pharmacy: 3 or more years, no degree (>60 sem hrs)
    • Estimated percent of males in 2016 entering class: 31
    • Estimated percent of females in 2016 entering class: 55
    • Estimated average GPA of accepted students in 2016 entering class: 3.30
    • Age RANGE of entering students for fall 2016 class: 22-45
    • Ratio of applications received to the number of first-year students enrolled in fall 2016 class: 3:1

  7. Program Prerequisites ↑ 

    • Total number of college SEMESTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 91
    • Total number of basic science college SEMESTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 40
    • Total number of college QUARTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 128
    • Applicants must successfully complete ALL course prerequisites by the end of the: Summer 2017 term
    • Course Prerequisites Table:
      Course Title Semester Hours Quarter Hours
      Total 91  128 
      English Composition I and II 
      General Chemistry I and II with Labs  12 
      Communications Selective (2 courses required from selected list). If applicant has a previous Bachelor level degree or higher, only 1 course is required. 
      Critical Thinking Selective (2 courses required from selected list) 
      Electives   24  36 
      Organic Chemistry I and II with Labs  12 
      Molecular and Cell Biology 
      Microbiology with Lab 
      Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II 
      Physics I and II 
      Calculus I  
    • Additional Information: 

      All prerequisite courses must be completed with grades of "C" of higher. Communication and Critical Thinking Selectives are courses that are selected from a list approved by the Curriculum Committee of the UNM College of Pharmacy. Students with a previous Bachelor level degree, or higher, need only complete one communication selective. 


      Please see our website for course listings details:


      All science (biology,chemistry and physics) prerequisites must be completed by the end of the spring 2016 semester and all other prerequisites must be completed by June 30, 2016. It is required that all biology and chemistry prerequisite courses been completed within the last 7 years. Biochemistry, while not required, will count toward the 91 hours of prerequisites (as 3 semester hours of electives).

    • Does your program accept AP credits for prerequisite coursework? Yes

  8. Supplemental Application ↑ 

    • Supplemental Application required? Yes
      • Details: 
      • Deadline: 01/05/2017 Postmarked by deadline
      • Supplemental Application fee: $51.50
      • Obtaining the Supplemental Application: 

        Please follow this link to complete the application

        Supplemental fee may be paid through

        Supplemental photo may be emailed to

  9. Tests ↑ 

    • PCAT required? Yes
      • The oldest PCAT considered: January 2014
      • Details: 

        PCAT test dates through January 2017 will be accepted

      • Note: select PharmCAS Code 104 to report PCAT scores directly to PharmCAS. 
    • TOEFL® required? Yes
      • Details: 

        Only for students who will be applying as international students to UNM and have limited domestic course work. 

      • Note: select code 8246 to report TOEFL scores directly to PharmCAS. 
    • Other required tests or credentials: 

  10. Experience ↑ 

    • Is health care-related experience required? Not required but recommended

  11. Residency ↑ 

    • Is proof of state residency required? Yes
    • Is preference given to state residents? No
    • Is preference given to residents of other states? No

  12. Foreign Applicants ↑ 

    • Is proof of U.S. residency required? Yes
    • Are foreign citizens considered? Yes
    • Are U.S. permanent residents considered? Yes
    • Are Canadian citizens considered? Yes
    • Policy for accepting non-U.S. coursework (excluding study abroad): Do not send any foreign transcript documentation. School only considers U.S. credentials. If you have completed your course prerequisites at a foreign institution, you may be ineligible for admission to these particular pharmacy programs.
    • Deadline for receiving foreign transcripts/evaluations: N/A Postmarked by deadline
    • Details: 

      Foreign students applying to this program must have a current visa or be eligible for a visa prior to matriculation.  Students in an undocumented status should contact the UNM College of Pharmacy, as undocumented student may be able to attend, depending on their status.

  13. Letters of Reference ↑ 

    • Are letters of reference (LORs) accepted? Yes
      • Number of LORs you accept: Three (3)
      • Are LORs required? Yes
      • Do applicants send the LORs to PharmCAS, or directly to your school? to PharmCAS
    • Institution Specific Details: 

      Applicant must have worked, taken a class or volunteered for the recommender

    • LOR types that are REQUIRED: 
      • Professor (Science)
      • Co-Worker
      • Employer
      • Faculty Adviser
      • Health Care Professional
      • Pharmacist
      • Professor (Liberal Arts)
      • Professor (Math)
      • Professor (Science)
      • Supervisor
      • Teaching Assistant
    • LOR types that are CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED: 
    • Note: please verify the institution specific details regarding CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED LOR types. 
    • LOR types that are NOT ACCEPTED: 
      • Family Member
      • Friend
      • Politician
      • Pre-Health Adviser
    • Are Committee Letters accepted? No
    • Are Composite Letters accepted? No

  14. Interviews ↑ 

    • Does your institution conduct interviews? Yes
    • Interview Format:
      • Individual applicants with two or more interviewers
    • Interview Dates:
      • September 2016 - April 2017 
    • Details: 

      The required interview will consist of two main parts: a 30 minute extemporaneous writing exercise and a single 40 minute interview with one member of the admissions committee and a guest interviewer who may be a pharmacy practitioner, current pharmacy student or member of the College faculty.  A light meal will also be provided to you prior to your interview with the opportunity to speak informally with administrators, faculty and students of the College as well as practicing pharmacists.  Finally, interviewees will also have the opportunity to tour the HSC campus. 

  15. Accepted Applicants ↑ 

    • When are acceptance letters mailed to regular applicants? Acceptance letters are mailed to regular applicants between 10/2016- 04/2017. All offers of acceptance are contingent on all prerequisite courses being completed with grades of C or higher.
    • When is the response to the acceptance offer due? 10/2016 - 5/2017; Three (3) weeks from receipt of acceptance letter.
    • Is there a deposit to hold an acceptee's place in the class? Yes
      • Amount: $515.00
      • Due: at time of acceptance
      • Refundable? No
      • Details: Deposit is applied toward costs associated with the program.
    • New Student Orientation Information: 
      • July 2017 
      • Details: Orientation dates will be determined closer to the end of the admissions cycle. Information on orientation is sent to students after the end of the spring semester.
    • First day of classes and/or matriculation: Students will matriculate in July 2017. UNM's College of Pharmacy has traditionally started at the beginning of the UNM term, however, changes in the curriculum are currently being pursued have moved the start to July. Information with specifics for class schedule will be sent to applicants in late May.
    • Are requests for deferred entrance considered? Yes
      • Details: Considered on a very limited basis.