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Admissions Office Contact:

Dr. Rocke DeMark
Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

9401 Jeronimo Rd #116
Irvine, California 92618

Phone (Work): 714-516-5460

Student Affairs Coordinator

9401 Jeronimo Rd
Irvine, California 92618

Phone (Work): 714-516-5471

Nicole Michel
Student Affairs Coordinator

9401 Jeronimo Rd
Irvine, California 92618

Phone (Work): 714-516-5600


Program Deadline (back to top)

Application Deadline for Program? July 1, 2020

Accreditation Status (back to top)

ACPE Accreditation Status: Full Accreditation

Program Information (back to top)

Satellite/Branch Campuses:
Do you follow the AACP Cooperative Admissions Guidelines? No
Institution Type: Private
Is your institution part of an academic health center? No
Type of academic term:
  • Trimester
Total # of PharmD seats filled in the last entering class: 99
Dual Degree Programs No
If Yes, Check all that apply:
Structure of your PharmD program: 2-3
Is a Baccalaureate degree required or preferred for admissions? Not Required
Does your institution participate in the Early Decision Program (EDP)? Yes
Alternative enrollment options available:
  • Early Assurance
  • Accelerated Progression (year-round classes)
Is your institution participating in the Centralized Criminal Background Check (CBC)? Yes
Is your institution participating in the PharmCAS-facilitated Drug Screening Service? Yes

Program Description (back to top)

Chapman University’s School of Pharmacy (CUSP) is Orange County’s first School of Pharmacy. Conveniently located near Los Angeles and San Diego in Irvine, the Harry & Diane Rinker Health Science Campus features high-tech classrooms and research labs that allow our world-class faculty to implement flipped classroom andragogy and world-class discovery experiences for every student.

CUSP offers a 3-year accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree. The year-round program consists of eight 15-week trimesters with two-week breaks between terms.

CUSP provides a highly effective personalized educational experience that instills deep scientific foundations of therapeutics and prepares students for flawless personalized patient care. CUSP is also unique in that we utilize a computerized integrated testing process, where students take an exam every three weeks that includes content from all of their courses.

CUSP and its Pharm.D. Program has received full accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

We encourage you to learn more at

Program Statistics (back to top)

Total entering class size for current calendar year including early assurance advancing to the P1 year: 100
Number of early assurance students advancing to the P1 year in the current calendar year: 40

Program Criteria (back to top)

Minimum overall GPA considered: N/A
Minimum prerequisite GPA considered: N/A
Does your program require pharmacy observation hours? No

Program Prerequisites (back to top)

Total number of college SEMESTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 62
Total number of basic science college SEMESTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 42
Total number of college QUARTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 88
Course Prerequisites Table
Course Subject Course Title Semester Hours Quarter Hours
Total 62  88 
Biology I  General Biology w/lab  
Physiology  Human Physiology w/lab 
Microbiology  Microbiology  
Chemistry  Chemistry w/lab (General)  12 
Chemistry  Organic Chemistry w/lab   12 
Physics I  Physics w/lab 
Other  Genetics or Molecular Biology 
Math  Calculus 
Statistics  Statistics 
Social/Behavioral Sci  Psychology or Sociology 
Other  Economics (Micro or Macro) 
Communication / Speech   Speech 
English Composition / Writing  English Composition 
Other  Electives (History, Political Science, Sociology, or Psychology preferred) 
Anatomy  Human Anatomy with lab 

Additional Information


  • Physics can be non-calculus based
  • We accept Human Genetics or Molecular Biology courses
  • Cell & Molecular Biology course does not fulfill the Genetics requirement
  • Economics can be Micro or Macro
  • Statistics can be Biostatistics or Business Statistics
  • Speech cannot be taken online and must include public speaking component
  • A course must have a grade of C or better to meet a prerequisite requirement
  • On-line lab courses are not accepted.
  • AP Credit accepted for Biology, Physiology, Psychology, and Statistics with AP or IB Exam score of 4.0.
  • AP Credit accepted for Calculus with a score of 4 or higher on Calculus AB exam or 3 or higher on Calculus BC exam.

Helpful tips:

  • If you are taking courses at an institution on the quarter system, please ensure courses meet minimum unit requirements.
  • You must have a grade of C or better to fulfill a prerequisite (Grades of C- or lower are not accepted.)
  • For Anatomy and Physiology, you cannot mix A&P courses with stand-alone courses.

Supplemental Application (back to top)

Supplemental Application Required


Tests (back to top)

PCAT required?



Applicants are advised to take the PCAT in July, September, October, or November of 2019 if they have not taken the PCAT already since January 2018 or if they have a cumulative PCAT score of 40th percentile or less. Preferred candidates will have a PCAT score of 50th percentile or higher.

The latest PCAT accepted for admission is the February 2019 PCAT.


Note: Select PharmCAS Code 104 to report PCAT scores directly to PharmCAS.
Minimum composite PCAT score considered: N/A
Non-native speakers must submit official TOEFL scores:


Note:Select code 8246 to report TOEFL scores directly to PharmCAS.
Do you accept or require other admission tests:


Do you require accepted applicants to have CPR certification prior to matriculation: No

Residency (back to top)

Is preference given to state residents? No
Is preference given to residents of other states? No

Foreign Applicants (back to top)

Are foreign citizens considered (excluding Canadian citizens)? No
Eligible citizenship type for admission:
Policy for accepting non-U.S. coursework (excluding study abroad): Send a foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER) to PharmCAS

Chapman requires evaluation of foreign transcripts be conducted by World Educations Services (WES)


Evaluations (Letters of Reference) (back to top)

Are letters of reference (LORs) required by your institution? Yes
Number of LORs required: Two (2)
Institution Specific Details:

Two letters of reference are required, but students can submit up to four letters. One must be from a math or science professor*, and the second should be from a person who is knowledgeable of your character. A letter from a health care professional (pharmacist, nurse, physician, physician assistant, or dentist) is preferred for the second letter. If you currently work in a pharmacy, an additional letter from your supervisor is highly recommended.

*Note: Applicants who are no longer taking classes at the time of their application can request a waiver of the math/science professor LOR by emailing If approved, a different LOR can be submitted in its place. Two LORs are still required.


Please indicate your LOR type requirements.

  • Clergy: Not accepted

  • Co-Worker: Not accepted

  • Employer: Conditionally Accepted

  • Faculty Advisor: Conditionally Accepted

  • Family Member: Not accepted

  • Friend: Not accepted

  • Health Care Professional: Recommended but not required

  • Pharmacist: Recommended but not required

  • Politician: Not accepted

  • Pre-Health Advisor: Conditionally Accepted

  • Professor (Liberal Arts): Conditionally Accepted

  • Professor (Math): Required

  • Professor (Science): Required

  • Supervisor: Recommended but not required

  • Teaching Assistant: Not accepted

What is your college/school policy on committee letters? Conditionally Accepted
Details: Committee must include required and conditionally accepted types of members and specify the percentage of students such letters are provided for from a specified size class.
Does it count as more than one LOR? No

Interviews (back to top)

Interview Format:
  • Individual applicants with one interviewer
  • Individual applicants with two or more interviewers
  • Multiple applicants with one or more interviewers

Interview day typically occurs on Fridays from 8 am to 12:30 pm. There will also be two Saturday interview days available.

Interview days start with an information session, a short welcome from the Dean, and a tour of the Rinker Health Science Campus.

After the tour, applicants are placed into two groups. One group completes individual interviews with faculty, while the other group participates in the Group Session. After completing these tasks, the two groups will switch.

Accepted Applicants (back to top)

Is there a deposit to hold an acceptee's place in the class?


Amount: $500.00
Refundable? No
First day of classes and/or matriculation: 08/31/2019
Web link or URL of your institutional web page: A mandatory orientation will take place the week prior to the start of classes.